A new way to play bingo

Play at your leisure when the time is right for you by checking your cards against the numbers on the bingo big board shown below. The numbers are drawn live-streamed every Saturday afternoon at 4 PM and can be played anytime until the close of the bingo on the following Thursday at 4 PM. 
Cards can be purchased until Thursday 3 PM. Check them here to see if you have won one of the five full cards.

Didn’t have a winning card? Purchase more cards anytime until Thursday afternoon at 3 PM and check your new cards against the numbers before the bingo closes Thursday at 4 PM. Check below to see how many winning cards are still unsold!

Play bingo LIVE
right here
every Saturday at 4 PM

If it’s Saturday and the clock says 4 PM… 

About one hour after the game is completed on Saturday the bingo board is updated to display all numbers drawn.
The board is removed when the previous week’s bingo closes on Thursday at 4 PM.

The draw made on Saturday March 6, 2021 can be played until 4 PM Thursday March 11, 2021. 

Card colour: Blue

Match your card to the numbers above, which were all the numbers drawn during the last game.
Below, watch the video of the game and play along.

  • Total Jackpot starts at $2,000 in 48 numbers or less and grows by one number and a minimum of $200 per week until won.
  • All individual full card prizes will be carried over to the next week if not claimed.
  • Prizes claimed and still to be won are updated Monday to Thursday at 12 noon and shown below.
  • If you have a winning card fill out the claim form below or see full rules for claiming your prize.
  • If a full card game has more than one winner, the prize is split equally.
  • Minimum win is $25.
  • If you checked your numbers on the bingo board above and have a full card, our bingo software will tell us which game you won even if you’re not sure.
Prize payouts for the March 6, 2021 game will be updated by 5 PM after completion of the live bingo
and at noon Monday through Thursday.

Winning number PrizePossible winnersClaimedStill to be won
G-511st full card$1,000101
Jackpot in 48 #s or less$1,000
Not WonTotal Jackpot$2,000000
First full card winner(s) in required numbers wins first full card plus Jackpot
B-62nd full card$500101
I-183rd full card$500110
G-524th full card$250211
O-635th full card$250413

Claiming your prize

If you have a winning card, you may complete and send the form below; call the winners’ hotline at 1-833-838-WAWA (9292), or text a photo of the card to 1-833-838-9292. If you include a photo it must show the entire card, including the color of the card, the free space number located in the middle or bottom right corner and the serial number located at the top of the bingo card.
Filling out this form and sending a photo of the card will speed up card verification and issuing of prize money.

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