Who we support

WA WA Shriners are dedicated to helping make life better for Saskatchewan children who are facing specialized medical challenges. Funds raised through the bingo support Shrine fraternal activities in Saskatchewan and our programs that are designed to assist these children. All funds raised remain in Saskatchewan.  

WA WA Shriners live in Saskatchewan and most participate in the activities of one of our 13 clubs spread throughout the province.  Shriners participate in parades and other community events to raise awareness of the Shrine. Our mission is to help children. Shriners are readily recognizable by the red fez they proudly wear.  Every Shriner and club work hard to help kids who have medical challenges and to have fun while doing it.

WA WA Shriners also offers the Stop Burn Injuries (SBI) program to provide burn prevention education to school children from kindergarten to grade 5 at locations by working with local volunteer fire departments. It is designed to make children aware of the hazards that can cause minor to severe burns and how to avoid them. The program is offered to any school in Saskatchewan that does not have an existing program. Funds raised allow this service to be provided regardless of the ability of the fire department or school district to pay.

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