How to play WA WA Shriners BONANZA Bingo

The WA WA Shriners Bonanza Bingo is a full card game with five full cards available to be won including a weekly growing Jackpot.

Numbers will be called until there are five potential full card winners among the bingo cards that are in play for that week. You have a bingo when all 24 numbers on your card are covered.

The draw of the numbers to complete the Bonanza game is live-streamed every Saturday at 4 PM from Access Communications in Regina on this website.

Bought a card and did not play the Saturday 4 PM live streamed completion of the Bonanza bingo game? A recap/replay of the numbers drawn is available for viewing on the home page so you can play at your convenience until the following Monday at 9 PM.

Weekly minimum prizes
1st full card$1,000Grows $1,000 a week if not claimed
Jackpot in required #s$1,000Grows 1 number and minimum $100 a week until won
Total Jackpot$2,000Yes, you win them both
1st full card winner(s) in required numbers wins 1st full card prize plus Jackpot
2nd full card$250Grows $250 a week if not claimed
3rd full card$250Grows $250 a week if not claimed
4th full card$250Grows $250 a week if not claimed
5th full card$250Grows $250 a week if not claimed

Buying cards

  • Bingo cards cost $2 for a sealed 3-up (3 cards);
  • Cards can be purchased by cash, debit or credit card.
  • Cards for each Saturday’s game may be purchased starting on the previous Tuesday until the start of the game the following Saturday at 4 PM;
  • All bingo cards are distributed to the retailers selling the cards the week prior to the drawing of the 50 pre-posted numbers. 
  • Cards are sold at retailers across Saskatchewan. See our list of local retailers;
  • A maximum of 6,000 3-up cards are in play each week unless stated otherwise on this website;
  • All card sales are final; no exceptions since bingo can be played until the following Monday at 9 PM.

Playing bingo

  • The completion of the Bonanza Bingo is live-streamed on this website every Saturday at 4 PM Saskatchewan time;
  • In the event the live stream of the game is interrupted or delayed for reasons beyond our control, the video recording of the entire game will be available on the home page;
  • About one hour after the completion of the Saturday live bingo, the numbers drawn are displayed on the bingo board on the home page;
  • Those wishing to play along with the bingo after the live streaming ends may view a recording of the game on the home page;
  • Bingo can be played until the following Monday at 9 PM, at which time the bingo is closed and no more bingo winners will be accepted;
  • Bingo cards should be marked with a bingo dabber and the entire card must remain intact for verification purposes;
  • The ball (number) is not official until the caller has completely called the entire number;
  • The ball supersedes any caller or mechanical error;
  • This website is updated every Tuesday by noon to show which prizes have been claimed for the previous Saturday’s game, and how many prizes are carried over for the next Saturday’s game.


  • Minimum of $2,000 is available to be won each week.
  • All full cards in the 50 pre-posted numbers, win or share in the Total Jackpot prize. 
  • Final prizes will be calculated after the close of the bingo on Monday at 9 PM and posted on the winners page no later than 12 noon on Tuesday. 
  • Total Jackpot starts at $2,000 in 50 numbers and grows by one number per week and a minimum of $100 per week until won;
  • In accordance with SLGA regulations, the Total Jackpot may not exceed $10,000;
  • Only the person(s) winning on the first full card in the required numbers wins the Jackpot and the first card prize;
  • If a full card game is not won or claimed, that full card game’s cash prize is carried over to the next week’s bingo until won;
  • If there are multiple winners of a full card game, all prizes are split equally among all winners;
  • Minimum win is $25.

Claiming a prize

  • Arrow Gaming Media Bingo Software, approved by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming  Authority (SLGA) is used to register potential winning card or cards for each full card game;
  • If you have a winning card, do not mail the card;
  • Do not discard or destroy your winning card, but keep it until it has been verified, even if you sent in a photo of the card. Any bingo card altered in any way will be deemed void, with no exceptions allowed;
  • Prizes must be claimed no later than the Monday at 9 PM following the Saturday game;
  • Players who have a winning card may claim the prize in any of the following ways:
    • Complete the claim form on the home page of this website;
    • Call the winners’ hotline at 1-833-838-WAWA (9292);
    • Email, attaching a photo of the winning card;
    • Text a photo of the card to 1-833-838-WAWA (9292);
  • If emailing or texting a photo of the winning card, you must ensure that the photo shows the entire card, including the color of the card, the free space number located in the middle or bottom right corner and the serial number located at the top of the bingo card. The serial number and series number must match the numbers distributed for that week’s bingo;
  • All players claiming a prize must provide their full name, address including city/town and postal code, telephone number and email address (if available);
  • The winners’ hotline and email account will be checked daily for potential winners;
  • A WA WA Bingo representative will call or reply as soon as possible by telephone or email to confirm your card is a winner and co-ordinate the claiming of prize money;
  • Prize money will not be paid unless the card is verified by a WA WA Bingo representative. No vendor selling cards will pay out any prize money under any circumstances;
  • We respect your privacy; players must give consent for their name to be published. Winners who do not provide consent to use their name will be stated as Undisclosed.

Collecting a prize

  • All winners will be paid by cheque, which will be made out to the individual verifying the bingo;
  • All prize money cheques will be mailed out to the address provided, only after the winning card has been verified;
  • Please allow adequate time for your card to be verified and a cheque sent to you by mail, which may be up to 10 business days following the date of the bingo;
  • WA WA Shrine shall hold any unclaimed and/or uncashed bingo prize cheques for a period of one year from the date of the bingo event. If at that time the prize cheques are still unclaimed or uncashed, the prize or cash equivalent shall be donated to a charitable beneficiary approved by Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

Contact information

  • To contact the Gambling Hotline, call 1-800-306-6789;
  • WA WA Shriners Bingo hotline is 1-833-838-WAWA (9292), and the email address is;
  • The numbers and video replay of the bingo will be available on this website when the show is completed;
  • In the event of any dispute, call 306-559-WAWA (9292).

Legal information

The WA WA Shriners Bingo is licensed by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, license number MB21-0016.
None of the persons directly involved or responsible for the conduct of WA WA Shriners Bingo shall play in any WA WA Shriners Bingo event. Members and immediate family of the licensee are allowed to play;
In the event of any disruption of the live stream of the game due to acts of God or causes beyond the reasonable control of WA WA Shiners Bingo, including but not limited to power outages, the recording of the event and numbers called will be available on the website.
WA WA Shriners Bingo is subject to all applicable federal, provincial and local laws;
Bingo card purchases are not deductible as charitable contributions;
All card sales are final; absolutely no refunds or exchanges;
Game card must be verified by official verifiers before participant is declared a winner;
Any video, picture or full name of a winner or participant may be used only with his/her/their verbal or written consent;
By accepting a prize, a winner agrees not to hold the WA WA Shrine, its directors, officers or employees accountable for any injury or damage caused or claimed to be caused by participation in this promotion or use of redemption of prize;
WA WA Shrine is not responsible for any typographical or other error in the printing of the offer, administration of WA WA Shrine Bingo or in the announcement of the prize(s);
Calls and emails to WA WA Shriners Bingo may be recorded and monitored for quality assurance;
The licensee is fully responsible for all aspects of the bingos as explained in Section 7 of the Media Bingo Terms and Conditions as provided by listed by Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

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Proceeds are for the benefit of WA WA fraternal activities. Bingo card purchases are not deductible as charitable contributions. License number MB20-0013
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